Welcome to the Site

My name is Karlon Cromwell and I’ve put this site together to share with the world the technology & knowledge I’ve acquire over the course of my life. This site will cover technology and how you can use it to share your unique story but at the same time I’ll share life lessons and quotes that have helped me improve along the way. I’ve designed this site to be clean and simple because focusing is something we all can improve on and it also helps the content load faster.

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The name C-WELL comes from my last name (Cromwell) it’s an abbreviation but it also means seeing well. The philosophy behind the name means that the images captured aren’t just clear and sharp but for all age groups (young and old).

My History

I’ve always had a fascination with how things work. Ever since I was a child and I suppose that fascination followed me well into adult hood where even now I look at technology tools and systems and wonder how they work. I started my technology interest back when I was 14 – I’d often play around with a 486 computer my aunt and uncle owned, until eventually windows 95 would no longer startup. This would lead them to call a technician in to fix it which is when I started to learn a bit of the code behind the system or at the DOS Prompt which just looked like lines of code on a black screen. I thought it was pretty serious piece of information and it turns out I was right.
[ecko_annotated header=”Sandy Hook Connecticut” annotation=”Spending time capturing the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Event this photo was taken by Zane St. Juste”]

Now this all happened while I lived in Berrien Springs, Michigan and from there things began to grow until years later I started to become interested in media which lead to the start of C-Well Productions know today as C-WELL PICTURES which is a production company I started with a few of my friends. I started working on the business and realize how much of my prior knowledge in computers and technology became useful. This lead me to realize that there are countless others out there who have the ability but lack the skills to use the tools and so I came up with this  site.

Why Learn Technology

Let me 1st define what I mean by technology. First of all I’m not talking merely about computers, software, and electronics. When I say technology, I mean any tool that has helped to advance mankind. For example something as simple as can opener is a tech tool (maybe not for this generation) because it has helped make that task easier.  It’s important to know how technology works because those who know are better able to adapt in this ever changing world.