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Video with the XT2

To set the record straight — the main reason I got the FUJI XT2 was for video. I spoke to Kholi Hicks a DP & Colorist, check out his IMDB page — he told me that he could not understand why more individuals were not using the camera and that the color was amazing.

Karlon CromwellKarlon Cromwell

Why I left Canon for FUJI

When I picked up the XT2 I knew the technology would be better compared to my 5D Mark II, after all, it had been 8 years since the release of the 5d Mark II. What I didn’t know was that something so small would be so capable. Now I have said countless times (it’s the shooter, not the camera) and I still stand by that [...]

Karlon CromwellKarlon Cromwell