The FUJI XT-2 has revolutionized how I view photography. From its size to its controls, just about everything is different. I’ve had Canon since the first day I started photography and I can’t say I ever regret starting with Canon, they have served me well over the years.

One of my favorite shots ever. I love the moment she’s so focused, I love the color and the details. This was shot with the Canon 135mm on the 20D.

My first Canon was the 20D (an 8 Megapixel Camera), back in 2006 I paid $1200 and I thought that was expensive. I used that camera for over 4 years and took over 10,000 images with it. I believe it was worth the price as it paid for itself several times over.

Then in 2010 I switched to the 5D mark II and wow that was a major step in the right direction. The 5D Mark II had a 21 Megapixel sensor and it handled video like a boss. I really got the 5D because video is where my heart is, photography is great but motion picture in my opinion speaks louder.

Shot in Chattanooga TN on a sunny afternoon on the 85mm 1.2 with the 5D Mark II

I learned quickly that gear doesn’t make you a great photographer it only helps make your job easier. I also know that because technology moves quickly it’s important to sell your old gear before it loses too much value. As a result I started looking for a camera to replace my 7 year old Canon.


When I began looking into cameras I didn’t look at Sony or Nikon simply because Sony seems very advance but I have never gotten the impression that they listen to their customers. Nikon personally reminds me too much of Canon since it’s an established name in the minds of many they also don’t adjust based on their customers demands. FUJI was never a brand I thought of when it came to photography yet I knew they existed. In fact not too long ago I noted the FUJI XT2 as an alternative to the 5d Mark IV yet I listed it simply based on what I saw on paper.

The FUJI X-T2 is a good balance of camera and technology. It has physical nobs so you really never have to guess what settings your on and it has color management and excellent math when it comes to JPEG compression as well as video compression.

This images was a screenshot taken from a video shot on the X-T2. It’s unedited and yet the colors are rich and natural.

The only concern I have with the XT2 is battery life. Of course nothing is perfect so please make sure and get extra batteries and the bottom grip. You will also find that there’s a bit of adjusting you have to do in terms of forgetting your old camera system and embracing the fact that straight out of camera your JPEGS are clean.

Image taken straight from the memory card and resized for the web.

Now that I have switched to FUJI after 11 years using Canon. I can say that my experience as a Canon photographer helped give me the skills that I have (both with the camera & on the computer). Using The FUJI X-T2 just makes this experience fun and in some ways easier.  I’m wrote this article not to compare FUJI FILM to Canon but to state why I switched and what benefits the FUJI X-T2 has to offer. Below is my first impression video check it out for more samples and details.


Now just go out and shoot!!!