What Should I Charge for a Wedding

Wedding pricing factors

Ever so often I’m asked: what should I charge for a wedding? It’s a question many photographers ask — experienced or not — Believe me I get it, I remember when I was asking the same question. knowing what to charge can be a difficult question. As you think about your work and time that will go into a said project. you wonder if what your charging is really what your worth. A few factors need to be considered before pricing your wedding packages.


Your Time (production and post)

– How many hours of shooting are you doing?
– How many hours of editing?
– Are there are special techniques that you bring to the table?
– Does each project help cover your expenses (monthly or weekly)?
– If you booked only one project for the month would the income last?


– Are you renting equipment is that included in your price?
– Just made a major purchase can your pricing cover that expense?
– What quality are you looking & does your pricing match that?


– Is your style easily replicated?
– What makes your work different from others?
– What are you providing the client?
– Does what you provide add value to them?

Finding the right balance

If you charge $250 for a 1 hour photoshoot that includes prints,
what should a wedding cost that takes up a full day and a few weeks of editing cost?


In 2016 Average price is for a wedding is $2500 but this depends on where you live. For example in California the average cost is – $3931 and in Salt lake City Utah it’s – $2215. These are of course average prices and can serve as a guide the real pricing is determined by you and the value you bring to the table.

Comparing Wedding Photography Prices
Courtesy of: SnapKnot

As far as my business pricing goes I use an hourly rate as my base so I know that no project should be below that price. My hourly rate is $80hr and my photo sessions start at $375 this includes editing. My wedding packages start at $2999 and include a Signature Album, prints and an online gallery. Overall I look at what I offer my clients — years of dedication, expertise, quality, story telling, a creative eye — and I price my services accordingly. It’s always good to evaluate your work you can even ask your clients, they’ll give you insights to things you wouldn’t normally see.

Bride-Groom PhotographerAs you evaluate you will begin to see where you can improve, this should also give you an idea of the quality of work you deliver and help you come up with your pricing. If you know you struggle with shot ideas then work on concepts in between projects. The fact that you are improving adds value to your work and drives up your cost. Your ultimately in charge of your pricing, since only you know your process and the story behind how you got to where you are today. So don’t be afraid to charge, because those who don’t know your worth will go away and those who do will stay.