Video with the XT2

To set the record straight — the main reason I got the FUJI XT2 was for video. I spoke to Kholi Hicks a DP & Colorist, check out his IMDB page — he told me that he could not understand why more individuals were not using the camera and that the color was amazing. At first, I didn’t know what he meant because one of the 1st videos I remember seeing looked as though the color was pushed up in post (over saturated). It turns out I didn’t know what SOOC (Straight out of Camera) meant and that my perspective of color was skewed.

XT2 Video Research

The 1st XT2 video I remember seeing was this one –

Although I wasn’t too big on the color, the picture was clear, and sharp. However at the time, I had my mind fixed on the Panasonic Gh5, mainly because I owned a few Panasonic cameras also the sharpness, and features in such a small camera made it worthwhile. What did it for me in the end though was that while I wanted to replace my Canon 5D Mark II with a still camera the FUJI X-T2 gave me the best of both.

Here’s another video review on the X-T2 that helped me make my decision shot by Zed Pro Media:

What I will recommend to anyone looking to buy a new camera is always look at footage shot in different locations and by different individuals. WIth the different styles and locations, you get to see the camera in different environments and also see how the sensor response to those locations. I will also recommend finding someone who’s style is similar to yours this will help give you an idea of what you would do with this tool because at the end of the day I’ve seen great shots with the X-T2 and I’ve seen terrible shots but at the end of the day the camera does nothing without an operator. The following links helped me make my decision to buy this camera:

Caveira Photography

Excellent Pictures Details and clarity 
I loved the color grading done by him and his eye for capturing is amazing lots of storytelling, this is what I intend to use my XT2 for.

FUJI X Passion

Good resource on X-Series cameras —

This particular post ^ actually gave me the insight that the XT2 can handle lens adapters and can be used for professional work (weddings, corporate jobs, etc). Now while these 2 are photo sites and that I primary was interested in the XT2 for video I can confidently say now that 80% of what you get in photos you can get with video. When I say that I mean the following:

  • Film Simulations
  • Contrast & shadow details
  • Color (excellent)
  • Details and clarity
  • Dynamic range (not as much but about 12 stops)
  • Noise handling

Video details and compression

Image below is shot with the XT2 & the FUJI 35mm 1.4

Normally when I grab frames from my 5d Mark II & Gh4 they are clean but not this clean. I mean I knew HD to 4k was a transformation but the color information holds up as well as does the detail whatever FUJI uses to calculate their color compression is amazing.

Image below is shot with the XT2 & the Leica R Summicron 50mm

To go into details as to why the Gh4 might not be as clean as the X-T2 I believe that has to do with the sensor size & Panasonic’s math when it comes to color compression. The Gh4 uses a Mico 4 thirds sensor which is smaller than that of the APS-C cameras like the X-T2. Now to be clear it’s not just sensor size but also the quality of that sensor and the compression that is used. A good example of that would be the Gh4 vs. the G7 / Gh5 this chart below will give you an idea of the different sensor sizes so you can compare.

Courtesy of Phil Holland from

As far as the 5D Mark II it has a larger sensor than the XT2 (Full frame or 35mm) but its compression and frame size are totally different. First, it shoots 1080p and it only records about 38 megabits per second — this is according to Wikipedia and Nofilm School, by the way, there is a hack to get up to 78 megabits but normally 38 is the limit. In short, the more data you have to work with the more you can manipulate and adjust in post so those 2 factors and FUJI’s amazing color is why I believe the FUJIFILM X-T2 produces such amazing color and details.

Though all these are important good story, lighting and lenses can make an older camera shine. Here are a couple of videos I shot with all 3 cameras Just to give you a comparison of the 3 cameras (Canon 5D Mark II, Panasonic GH4 & FujiFilm X-T2) –

Shot on the 5d Mark II (HD)

Shot on the Gh4 (4k)

Shot on the X-T2 (4k)

I choose the FUJI FILM X-T2 not because it’s perfect (would love longer battery life & a stronger body) but because for my needs it suits quite well. I believe I was able to get 2 cameras for the price of one. Although I feel this way a 2nd camera is still essential and I won’t ignore that fact but I realize for the price the XT2 can cover both my photography video needs and I’d strongly recommend it.

My latest review on the XT2 video