Video with the XT2

The X-T2 has come out of no where and replaced not one camera but 2 cameras. I got it to replace my 5D Mark II and it has also replaced my Panasonic Gh4. In the below video I explain how.

When I initially started doing my research I was amazed to see that the camera covers video just as well as it does photos. I immediately started looking at the options I had for video and that’s when I was told about the Leica Summicron Lenses. These lenses have been used for years and are now being used by many film makers, why? Simply put the optics are amazing. Everything from the contrasts, color, Focus fall off and build quality. I had no idea about any of its benefits but when I got it and tested it I was amazed, below are a few frame grabs and photos.

Untouched Lecia Summicron shot
Leica Shot with the Eterna LUT
Lecia in the shade
Leica Untouched shot from video

Pairing these lenses with Fuji’s color I believe make a tremendous difference. Please note that the amazing rendering from the Leica glass takes nothing away from the lenses that FUJI make but I will say for video the Leica is a joy to use. The focus ring for one is buttery smooth, the build quality suggests that it will last you well over 20 years and the size is perfect to stash in any bag for travel.

One Key Ingredient

The X-T2 does an amazing job when paired with Leica glass but the key element with this camera is it’s accurate skin tones. To simplify this, when I look at the OLED EVF (electronic view finder) the skin color I see is as it is in real life if not better. This also translates well when the footage is displayed on my computer screen.