Tell Stories Through Pictures

In 2005 my teacher and friend Ryan Johnson introduced me to a book called Story By Robert Mckee. I began reading and realized that there is more to filming and photography than I thought I knew. The book covered a very interesting point that everywhere we go we are faced with stories. From day to day we find ourselves surrounded with stories; from news papers, to gossip at work and even when we sleep we dream.

Story is a process we encounter everyday of our lives and even in the most mundane lives we find pages of content that will captivate us.

As photographers it’s our job to identify what others may not even consider worth while.


It’s our job as photographers to capture not only the intensity of life but the frailty. It is our job as photographers to tell stories through pictures. Whether it’s a photo of a child’s laughter or a tear drop on the cheek of a happy bride, all these moments are elements that make up life’s story.


Part of the process for me is to not to capture random shots that make no sense, but to visualize what is happening and then capture it from the right perspective.

Father plays with his boys using a hose.

Many times I’m in a car, or the subject is moving but with the right lens and the right timing an image gets captured.


So I’d like to challenge anyone with a camera (iPhone or DSLR) to push a bit harder to tell your story, or even the story of another because you can never tell who’s life you’ll change.