Summer 2019 Part 1

We all have our time machines, don’t we. Those that take us back are memories…And those that carry us forward, are dreams.

– Wells

I write this post late on a summer night as I ponder what has my photography become? Is it just a splash of entertainment on someone’s IG feed or have I created stories that plant seeds that germinate into thoughts and actions? This may all seems deeper than it should be but considering that there are so many photographers today, which of them actually have something to say?

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.



I’ve always seen Tiffany at church and we will have these real casual conversations: never anything too deep but that wasn’t because we didn’t care. To me it felt like we were always passing each other and just never stopping to really talk. Anyway we were having lunch together at a friend’s place and she actually said to me she’d like me to take her picture.

Although I have taking her photo before, this time I felt she wanted something different. One of the key elements for this capture was Tiffany’s complexion. Her skin always amazed me so rich and smooth it seem to absorb light and reflect it in the right way. Yet Tiffany’s sister (who I didn’t know too well) also has a similar look.

I noticed that she wasn’t big on taking photos so I encouraged her telling her she looks amazing. I was actually shocked at what I saw in the EVF of the Fuji X-T3. It’s funny because the photo above is actually what she looks like in person yet the camera adds more richness, subtle attention to certain areas and just more contrasts. The short session with the 2 sisters showed me yet again the need for the shade. Every image doesn’t have to be extremely bright but you have to find the middle of both light and darkness.

42nd Street at Sunset

Driving in Manhattan on a late Friday afternoon BAD combo! Anyway I had just left a photo session and was heading home. As I made my move uptown thru Manhattan there were soo many different faces, cultures and behaviors.

This woman below caught my eye! She no doubt was focused as she held her Leica Camera. It seems the majority of the people I saw on my way uptown were fixated on the sun setting. I however didn’t take it seriously I just kept making my way home. It’s only when the streets were a bit more packed that I then enquired what’s going on? Come to find out that the sun was setting at the center of 42ND STREET (something that only happens once in a blue).