Lesson’s on Light

The First thing to remember is light is essential in photography! He/she who master’s light will have amazing photo results. SO today we want to focus on light temperature. Light temperature is measure in kelvins from 1900k (color of a candle) to 10,000K (color of the blue sky).

5500 Kelvin is typically what is considered mid afternoon light that comes from the sun.

5000 Kelvin Is the type of light that florescent’s give off.

3200 Kelvin is the type of light from those old traditional light bulbs.

Practice shooting differnent temperatures

To get more familiar with the different light temperatures; take several portrait images using one light source but at different temperatures. Hint** the color temperatures can be changed inside the cameras WB (white balance menu).

Samples temperature shots –

Shot during a storm in NYC (Late afternoon)
Same Location as last image just on a Sunny mid-afternoon
Shot indoors (notice how warm the temperature is