Why I left Canon for FUJI

When I picked up the XT2 I knew the technology would be better compared to my 5D Mark II, after all, it had been 8 years since the release of the 5d Mark II. What I didn’t know was that something so small would be so capable. Now I have said countless times (it’s the shooter, not the camera) and I still stand by that statement.

Taken with the FUJI X-T2 & 35mm 1.4

Half of the shots we see, we have no clue the story behind them. Sometimes the photographer is hanging out of a car window, sometimes they’ve taken 5-7 shots at a time before they get the one they want. Other times it’s a shot that no one would ever see that they just take. All in all bending the rules or even breaking them may sometimes give you good results and other times it turns out horrible. Yet when a camera aids in the process (fast focus, light or heavy, small enough to fit in a pocket) it helps make your job easier.

One of my Favorite shots taken with the Canon 5D Mark II

I believe the XT2 has given me the ability to merge my cinematography with my photography (as taught by my teacher Ryan Johnson). The color science behind FUJI is great it handles the shadows, mid tones, highlights naturally to the point where some of my images look less like a photo and more like I’m staring out of a window and seeing someone there. Am I a FUJI loyalist no… I still like Canon and Nikon and respect Sony but right now FUJI is doing what I want. The only thing that concerns me with the XT2 is battery life when I’m not using the XT2 battery grip that is (which cost approximately $300).

Taken with the FUJI XT2 & 35mm 1.4

This photo took one attempt, in the middle of a downpour in NYC, normally I wouldn’t have taken it (due to the weather) but the XT2 has made photography & cinematography fun!

XT2 Noise & Color Compression

When I took this photo my initial thought was: I am losing it here… how can this image be so clean it was taken at ISO 10,000 after sunset: and to me, this looks good (there’s grain but it looks like film). Yet I heard sooo many folks who keep saying the XT2 is noisy, but I like it.

If I were starting photography today I’d choose FUJI not because they are better than all the rest but for what you pay, you get a whole lot. The only thing I would add is all day battery life (without the grip) and a more streamline phone app. You can pick up the XT2 for around $1500 it’s a great camera and it delivers on both the pro level and semi-profesional check it out.