iPhone 6 on AT&T Prepaid

The iPhone is far from perfect. Even though Apple releases a new iPhone every year, I still experience the same autocorrect issues that have plagued it for years. Then there is the endless debate from Android users who claim, the iphone has been largely unchanged since its inception. However I use it as part of my photography kit and it works just fine. I do Everything from capturing behind the scenes videos, to taking pictures and editing them right in my hands, for me it is a very capable device despite the short comings. There are other smartphones just as great such as the Samsung Galaxy Series, The Nokia Lumia and Let’s not forget the trusty Black Berry. These smart phones work well on average, until we receive the bill. In 2013 the average cell phone bill was $148 that’s almost $1800 per year and almost $10,000 every 5 years.

AT&T Gophone

I’ve been using At&t prepaid service for little over 2 years and I must say I don’t regret it. I was skeptical at 1st thinking I’d notice a drastic difference in speed and signal but that wasn’t the case. I’m currently on their $60 plan and I get great LTE speeds and great signals. How can prepaid benefit you well for one the savings are enormous, it cost me just $720 per year as oppose to the ridiculous pricing of post paid service. At&t prepaid service also known as Gophone, isn’t just for the iPhone but anyone with a phone that works with their GSM network. Check out my review below to learn more and see if At&t Gophone service is right for you.