FUJI X-T2 Color

The last time we covered the XT2 we focused on my first impressions of the XT2. At this time I want to focus on the color and what it means for filmmakers as well as photographers.

I believe today a lot of people are fixated with looks and grades that are applied to their pictures and the videos. These looks aren’t unnecessary, the problem is most people have no idea what real color actually looks like. I believe this started to happen to me over the years because I find myself chasing after a particular look rather than taking pictures. What does all this have to do with the Fuji XT2? Well to me the X-T2 represents something from the past that’s still vital today — COLOR.


Fuji pioneered color in their film stocks (I will list a couple of them below). The fact that Fuji was a film company and today they have brought their film looks into the digital cameras, means that while are out there trying to mimic a particular look with a piece of software many of these looks are achieved for you inside your Fujifilm camera. With the cameras creating the look, you can focus on shooting. While you’re shooting the camera will focus on applying a particular color based on your recommendations or the film simulation you choose from the menu.The image above amazes me because it was taken from a frame of video. Since 4k video, this has been available but not with such color fidelity. In the past I would have to increase contrasts and punch up saturation, mainly because with most cameras in this price range the color in video is more compressed than photos. Below are photos taking straight from the X-T2 without any color or contrast adjustments, also keep in mind all camera settings were on zero the only thing that was changed was the film profiles.

The Profiles

Asta – Standard color for most cameras (yet FUJI does some subtle tones and has the extra boost of color.

Classic Chrome – Colors are muted (or toned down) and the darks are lowered so there more contrast. To me this has a very organic movie look to it.

Velvia – Rich in color I haven’t used this one too much actually.

Arcos – Man what can I say about Arcos other than it’s not the typical black and white it has grain (that looks monochromatic not noisy), the contrasts in most situations are ideal rich and deep blacks overall Arcos is nice when used properly.

Click for larger sizes (images are untouched in terms of color just resized for web)

Finally below is a video I did which goes into some of the details covered in this article. It also has more examples of FUJI’s color enjoy.