Choosing the Right Lens part 2

The Last time we talked about the different types of lenses and I also covered my top 5 favorite lenses. In choosing the right lens part 2 we will cover more specifically why many photographers choose prime lenses.

Why Primes and not Zooms

Let me first state that I do use zooms In fact I own the Canon 70-200 2.8  but my main goto lenses are primes. I choose these because of the type of images that I shoot. I shoot portraits but a lot of black and whites, a lot of rich dark contrasts, also quite a few selected focus (where the subject maybe out of focus) ones too. The main difference for me between primes and zooms is low light and primes tend to push you to be more creative.

85mm Prime

This focal length is considered a portrait lens primarily due to how close it brings the subject and also how the background appears to be further away from your view. When it comes to the Canon and Nikon system the Aperture or F-stop goes well below 2.0 some go as low as 1.2  Nikon 85mm Lowend & Nikon 85mm Highend  | Canon 85mm Lowend & Canon 85mm Highend

50mm Prime

This focal length is considered great for street photography (though there are many other lenses that do the same) because of it’s lightweight and compact design many photographers keep this lens attached to their cameras. Just like the 85mm the Aperture or f-stop works great for low light situations.


40mm Prime

40mm Pancake picture

The Canon 40mm Prime (Pancake) is considered an odd focal length to many photographers but I personally don’t have any problems with it. The Pancake lens (as it’s called) is a great lens it’s fast, silent in it’s focusing, sharp, compact and can be used for portraits. If your camera has a full frame sensor the pancake can be used for group shots. It’s not my favorite lens but since it’s so compact I tend to keep it in my pocket during weddings. Below you’ll find a youtube review on this lens 40mm Price right now.

Bottom line

I’ve read review after review on different cameras and lenses and often times people will say there is no perfect camera or no perfect lens and the choice is yours. While that is true, there are some folks who just want a recommendation. Well here is what I recommend, if you have your camera and want to buy a lens to improve your images start with a 50mm lens. while it DOES NOT zoom or give you a great option for wide shots it will make you move, until you get the shots you want. What’s important in photography and life is that we develop from the negatives because in the end the person behind the camera it what makes the shot.