Children Photography Classes

At the Beth

This summer I spent 3 weeks teaching photography at a local community center, The Bethlehem Center. Over those three weeks, I saw first hand what happens when we invest in children. The Beth (as it’s affectionately called) uses as their motto “READ TO LEAD” because as we all know reading is fundamental to learning, but these kids were picking up more than reading skills. To just name a few, these kids learned art skills, arithmetic, history, Techtown (technology) and of course photography.

Children Photography Classes

When I sat down and put together the photography outline my plan wasn’t to lecture for an hour. I wanted to show the kids photography. I went over a few photography’s greats: Ansel Adams, Jeremy Cowart and Gordon Parks. I also used a few tools to accomplish this: a smart board, 500px, Polarr, and Adobe Lightroom. I will further explore these tools in the LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE available this Fall.

When I think of children (ages 4-9) and youth (ages 13-24) I can’t help but see potential, child-photographer
I image them doing something they enjoy and at the same time being productive. For example the following 4 images are from student photographers:



These kids took those images but more importantly they had fun throughout the process. There is a notion that children work as they play, so then their playing and enjoyment should be constructive, fulfilling and educating, this way learning will become natural.

It’s amazing to me how we complain and complain about the youth of today. Yet with all our complaining we never try and engage them. I’m not at all suggesting that we ignore their behavior, we should correct them. The key is to correct them but then don’t leave them in the mess. Don’t just sit there and complain, give the young minds of today something to look up to, every bit of knowledge we have it’s our responsibility to share it. Pass it on because you never know how far your efforts can go.