Cameras under $1000

Canon T6i

The Canon Rebel has long been a camera of many entry-level photographers but many don’t realize that these cameras are very capable. In recent years they have incorporated video, faster processors and i this years model has Wifi & NFC.

I recommend this years Rebel because of it’s 24 Mega Pixel count, 19 point all cross type focus system & 5 frames per second shooting. Currently the rebel cost $749 and couple together with Canon’s Nifty Fifty or the newly released Yougnuo 50mm you’ll be off to a great start for portraits.

Nikon D5500


Now Nikon has always giving photographers more value on their dollar and the D5500 is no exception. With a 39 point auto focusing system, 24 Mega Pixels, 5 frames per second and a price of $746 it’s hard to beat. It’s also important to note that Nikon is usually cheaper when it comes to the the price of their accessories


Sony A5100

Although the Sony A5100 is not a DSLR but a mirrorless digital camera I believe it’s worth adding to this list, if not for it’s 24 Mega pixel count and a cost of only $500 What I like most about this camera is it’s lack of a mirror, which most DSLR’S need and because it has none an adapter can be attached which will give you the ability to add just about any lens (nikon, Canon, Pentax, Zeiss) to the front of your camera.

In conclusion the best camera is the one you have access to. The more expensive cameras help make the job more enjoyable but you really still have to know what your doing even if there is a camera that can do it all, you have to know where to stand. So let this list be a guide choose wisely and have fun shooting.