Bare minimum for a camera

I was speaking to my homegirl Missy and I felt compelled to write this. So everyone’s always asking what’s the best camera and to please remember they are on a budget. Although I do photography & cinematography professionally I have to remember that the folks who ask me are just curious and many times just want to get their feet wet. So this post is to give anyone from a child to a retiree the ability to start taking pics. When choosing a camera you can go on youtube and just listen all the hosts of videos out there or you can go to any camera manufacture website and see what their latest, lower-end models are and write them down and begin to do a comparison. Now when I say low-end I am not suggesting that these are inferior but that these companies created more affordable products for their customers. Below is a list of a few models and their prices.

Canon Low-end models
T5 – $549 / T6 – $549/ T7 – $799

Sony Low-end models
5100 $449 / 6000 – $549 / 6300 -$899

Your Options

  1. You can put aside the money you would like to spend then shop.
  2. Use what you have available right now.

Option 1 putting aside the money

Let’s say you put aside $300 these are your options

A Used camera – (still shoots but doesn’t have a warranty and if it does it’s less than 60 days) If you buying a used camera spend as little as you can. While writing this for example a Canon T4i was selling on eBay for $249 with the option to make a lower offer.

Previous generation – since it’s not the latest its price drops. My 1st instinct is to suggest you go with this option since you will get the 1 year warranty that most manufactures provide.

Using what you have

Most of the time we buy camera because we want look like photographers. We don’t realize we have similar tools available to us right now, with their smartphones. Yes it will take some practice to get amazing photos with a phone but so will buying a DSLR or Mirrorless camera for $200 plus.

iphone 7 photos –

Google Pixel 3 photos –

So it bowls down to your why. Are you buying a camera because you want blurred background images and really sharp details like you’d see on Instagram or fashion ADs? Well today the playing field is being leveled with each new phone release so getting those results aren’t limited to which Canon camera and lens combo you have.

Finally Recommendations

If you just want a camera to shoot and experience what it is, buy used from a reputable store like B&H.
I did a search for Canon EOS in their used department and found a lot of useful cameras. For example this T4i is in condition (an 8 out of 10) which is good comes with a lens and 90 days warranty for $549

This one (in condition 9) is $349 without a lens –

Now I choose Canon because most people know and trust them but any camera in that price range will function just about the same and with proper care can last for years.