The aperture MC is a 3.7 inch pocket light that’s packed with features. Why anyone want to light with something so Small? When I learned about lighting I was told that the larger the light the softer the shadows. Think about when you go out into the sun on an over cast day, you see little to no shadows due to how large and encompassing the sun is. Small light sources tend to create hot spots on faces, and they also create more shadows because their spread is limited. Tip if you were to bounce a small light you would get a more diffused look and less shadows.


If you’ve ever shot in tight spaces; like a car or even shooting something really small, like a ring, flowers or someone’s fingers you may need a small light. Small lights also come in clutch when shooting on the go and you don’t have a lot of space or are unable to carry much weight.


First of all the MC is RGBWW light. Which means it cover all colors and can change color temperatures ( from 3200k – 6500k). The MC is also dimmable and can change its brightness, regardless of the color or temperature. With the built in LCD screen, you can see exactly where are you, in terms of brightness and settings.

Now here is where Aputure took things to another level. The Aputure MC has built in effects; for example, it can do a burning flame, effect it or a television affect, lightning, paparazzi (like someone’s taking pictures and the flash is going off) and you also have a cop car effect.


Additional Features

Wireless Charging

Magnetic Back for mounting

Sidus App (You can control this light via bluetooth

Mesh networking (a family of MC lights all controlled via bluetooth)

(Unedited) Aputure MC above

Aputure really packed a lot into this little light which only cost $90. When you compare the price of LED pocket lights from about 5 years ago which cost upwards of $200 the MC is a steal (because of its feature set).

Toggle wheel, Power button & USB C Port

On the side of the MC you’ll find a USB-C port so you can charge it via a usb-c charger, from companies like Anker, the light can even be turned on while charging. As far as battery life goes you get 2 hours at maximum brightness and 15 hours at the minimum. I touched on most of the features but I think there’s a lot more that I didn’t get a chance to cover (such as creating your own custom effects within the app). Overall just know that the Aperture MC is Small light but has many different applications. Below are some examples of how I used it in my work.


The MC was Facing the face, in this shot creating the blue light.

I would highly recommend this light not just for the features but the build quality, It also comes with a nice little bag and a USB-C cable as well as a soft rubber diffuser to help soften the light. If you can fit $100 into you lighting budget just get it.