5D Mark IV should you buy it?

On Thursday August 25th Canon released the 5D Mark IV with a 30 Mega Pixel count, 4K video and a shooting speed of 7 Frames per second, should you buy it?. While all these aren’t new to the camera industry there is one featured I’d like to highlight 1st.

Dual Pixel Raw

Dual-Pixel RAW gives you the ability to choose focus in post, because as you may or may not know RAW files,  keep all the information that the camera processes at the initial time of capture. With Dual-Pixel RAW, you can take an image, and even though you had one object in focus, you can change the object of focus to something else. I believe this is a feature that’s going to used by a lot of people.

Dual Pixel Raw can produce a bit of laziness on the part of photographer, because now you’re not dependent on your skill, but you’re dependent on fixing everything in post. I’m sure there’s going to be some limitations, so we have to definitely test this thoroughly in the field.



The addition of 4k to the Mark IV was to me necessary with just about all cameras today sporting 4k video capture (including the iPhone 6s). 4K videos been around for at least the last four years and Canon has finally put this into their pro-consumer cameras like the 5D series or even the 1DS. This is a feature that was out in their professional video series for awhile, but now it’s the first time they’ve introduced them to a digital SLR body.

It’s quite clear that the 5D series is definitely a flagship for Canon, because it was the first to do video — back in 2008 when the Mark II was released — and now it’s the first in its class to do 4K video. It isn’t just pro-consumer 4K, which is 3840 by 2160, but it also supports cinema 4K, which is 4096 by 2160. That’s going to be a bonus for a lot of people. Hopefully the Canon, the camera can record a higher resolution, or higher data-rate through an external recorder, and we’re not just going to be dependent on recording to the memory card.

This video below covers the video features of the 5D Mark IV

30 Megapixel of Raw data

At the time of creating this post (Monday August 29th) the latest Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Affinity Photo could not edit the Raw files from the 5D Mark IV. This isn’t because the 30 Mega pixels size but because the camera is so new these companies need to update their software. However I will do a follow up on this and post the RAW image editing abilities. (see video below for the error)

The video below covers details on the still features of the 5D Mark IV watch it to get even more in depth information on this flagship camera.

The Verdict

Should you buy the Mark IV? The Short answer: if you are even consider it and can afford it yes. However if you have just started in photography and are looking for more resolution and a better camera there are countless others at lower prices that will do just fine. The 5D Mark III is a good camera to buy if you want to keep your budget under $3000, Fuji Xt2 is another great camera, also the 7D Mark II is great if you want speed but not a full frame sensor. However if you want something to replace your aging 5D Mark II, and you want 4k video and can afford the $3809 (with tax) price tag by all means pre-order the 5D Mark IV because on paper it’s worth it.