5 Tips for Maternity Portraits

I have known Maria & Victor for about 6 months and one thing I can say is they are very caring and supportive. When I was asked to shoot their maternity photos I couldn’t wait for the day to come, after all there were Tons of ideas flooding my head. I thought of shots of Maria tossing leaves, to Victor kissing her tummy, To the both of them sitting in a field of leaves (none of which I ended up using).


However one thing I have learned to do is light my subject with as soft a light as possible and so I knew before the day came that their images would be soft and appealing and not harsh and bright.


Preparation is Key

When the day finally came I laid everything out that I wanted to use and made sure all my lenses were cleaned, I typically do this because there should be no excuses why an Image wasn’t captured at the best quality. The reflector came in handy (will have a video on how I use mine soon). This photo session was a bit more involved as I had to shoot Victor, Maria and Maria’s Family. How do you keep a maternity theme when you have a group? Well here my 5 tips for maternity portraits:

  1. Treat your subjects like people (after all they are)
  2. Interact with your subject, talk with them and snap when you see what your looking for
  3. Keep the moment fun and enjoyable (look around for locations before hand)
  4. Move your subjects around keep the session flowing don’t get stuck in an area
  5. Relax and try something if it doesn’t work try again


 Photography Rules

There are no solid rules to the perfect image or the perfect photo session because it all depends on what it is your trying to achieve. 


For example if I wanted a bright sun ray around the head of someone I have to place their backs to the sun and my lens into the light, something we are caution never ever to do. So when shooting consider what it is you are looking for, write it down, and be prepared to try until you get it. If you find that the subject gets tired come back to the concept and try again.

Be Flexible

The key to photography and life is that we have to be flexible, we cannot put ourselves into a place where only 2-3 methods work and that’s it. For instance I realize during the photo session that it was best that I spilt the group into smaller parts of 2 or even 1 person at a time this gave me less to focus on and made my images even more intimate.

Remember when shooting  an outdoor maternity session, you don’t have to show the woman’s tummy but with the proper use of camera angles, moving your subject, and interacting with them, you can begin to see a huge increase in the quality of your images. Anstle Adams once said: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” and that’s what your doing at any photo session creating moments that can never be reproduced so take your time plan, prepare and execute.