5 Street Photography Techniques

Street Photography Takes Careful Timing

If you pay careful attention to your subjects your photos will improve.


Street photography is nothing more than candid shots taken on a public street. The subjects however are likely to get upset once they knowyou’ve taken their picture so you have to be subtle.

There are 5 Street Photography Techniques I use almost every time I snap pics on the go.

1. Get Ready

Be ready so you don’t have to get ready I’d suggest you keep your Lens cap off, keep your camera on, and keep your finger on the shutter button.

2. Scan the Crowd

If your taking pictures of people on the go keep your eyes moving and looking for a shot that you find interesting and start shooting.

3. Don’t be obvious

Look in the direction you are shooting and after you have taking the picture keep looking past the subject so as to not be obvious.

4. Ask

A lot times it’s better to ask someone before taking their image of course if you want it to be natural then asking would not make sense. Also make sure you explain what you’d use the image for and offer to send them the image via email.

5. Use a Compact Lens

If you walk around with a telephoto lens (see post on lenses) it can be very intimidating and you’ll be more obvious. So choose a prime lens I’d recommend any of the following: 50mm 85mm 24mm 35mm


Confidence makes a difference

A lot of people hide behind their gear, they are always asking what lens are you using, what body do you have and how much did you pay for it? The reality is the tools help only if you know how to use them. You being confident with your equipment will help even more. Keep in mind I’m not talking about how well your camera or lenses work but rather how well you know your tools. 


I was confident enough to ask the family for a portrait and I knew I could pull off the shot that I wanted because I had my camera set, and the lighting was good. Even though I asked for the portrait I didn’t position the family or tell them what to do because I still wanted the candid look which was my focus all along, I didn’t want a traditional family portrait. I enjoy Street photography because it gives you a glimpse of peoples emotions and it takes a actual moment and provides a lesson.