5 Photography Steps to Take After a Live Event

As I spent sometime tonight emptying my camera bag a Think Tank Shape Shifter I felt compelled to write this post. It’s always a great feeling when you get a phone call or when an email comes in from a potential client. Just about every photography jumps at the opportunity for new work. The day after the wedding or live event very few are interested in reviewing the photos, let alone checking their gear for damage or for missing items.

The Next Day

It’s critical to do a few things just after you’ve taken pictures because just as important as capturing the day, is preserving what was captured. After an event you should take these 5 steps:

  1. Check your bag to make sure all your gear is there & isn’t damaged
  2. Empty & backup your memory cards
  3. Sort through your pictures (good, bad, in-between)
  4. Clean your gear & Charge batteries (being prepared for another gig that might arrive)
  5. Go over the event and see how you could improve

I’ll go over a few of the items on the list so you can have a better idea why these are so important. Number 1 Inventory, is something most people cringe at and that’s because the process is far from fun. Inventory for me isn’t simply checking what items I have or making sure everything is working it’s so much more.

Inventory is a time to clean and care for your equipment to help preserve it and inspect it.



You’d think after spending thousands on equipment you couldn’t possibly leave any of it behind but something small yet crucial as a battery charger can be lost inside a dark reception hall, so it’s always good to check. While looking over my equipment I take this time to clean my equipment. Number 2 Backing up your pictures is as important as taking them. There are times when card readers have issues & memory cards get corrupt. No should have to experience those failures and then consider starting a backup plan because by then it’s too late.

Here are a list of places you can backup for free (some support raw files others don’t)


After a live event, is usually my best to work on photos. The moment is still fresh in my mind and I more motivated to get them done. However I also notice that when I leave a project alone for a while and return to it I get new ideas for editing, so it then comes down to getting it done vs. being more creative. The day after your shoot should be a day of preparation, that day helps prepare for you next job. Preparation doesn’t  mean your out looking for work but that you get yourself ready for when the opportunity arrives.