3 Reasons I use Affinity Photo

I don’t remember exactly how I found out about Serif’s Affinity Photo but I suspect it has something to do with Pixelmator, which is another affordable image editor. The first version of affinity photo I used was a beta  yet it ran without any hiccups. When I started to use Affinity Photo I realize that it was very much like photoshop but still had it’s own uniqueness.

The 3 Reasons I use Affinity Photo all have to do with replacing Adobe Photoshop.  Adobe has been considered the gold standard for the majority of professionals for decades, however I believe that their methods of business are making them lose customers by the hundreds when you read my reasons you’ll understand.

  1. Affinity Photo is a one time payment of just $49.99 whereas photoshop will cost you at least
    $9.99 per month which can quickly add up over time. For the average person $50 is a small price to pay for a application that can generate thousands.
  2. It supports Photoshop files With Affinity I can open all my Photoshop psd files without any problems that means I don’t have to recreate any of the files I can easily gain access to my layers &  effects.
  3. Affinity photo is fast I haven’t had any issue running photoshop on my Macbook Retina over the last 2 years but usually as new applications come out you’ll find yourself needing to upgrade in order to keep up, not the case with Affinity Photo.

Different app but Familiar

Keep in mind this is not a full review of the Affinity Photo but just a quick introduction. I expect to go over a bit more of the app and list the ins and outs of it in another post later this month. What I will say is that there were a number of things that are different but still familiar for those acquainted with photoshop, for example the new document window:affinity-document

is very simple to photoshop’s but there are more options available. Also when we look at the the export tab we still see the sizing options but with more formats at your fingertips


Is Affinity for you?

Should you go pick up Affinity Photo? About the only thing I can think of that would hinder most folks from buying Affinity, is the simple fact that it’s only for mac. I am sure they have plans to release a Windows version but from the looks of things that won’t happen anytime soon. The company is currently working on their desktop publishing app, other than that I haven’t heard any talk of a windows option. So if your a mac user, who wants an alternative to photoshop and can spare $50 I highly recommend Affinity Photo because it sure hasn’t given me a reason to return to photoshop.