2015 Year in Review

In 2015 I took over 12,000 images, shot over 800 video clips, and traveled the most in all my life. 2015 was truly a good year.  What made it great wasn’t the amount of content I shot, or the income I made but the fact that as I look over my work I am inspired. The fact that the images actually speak volumes to me and that makes it worth while.

500px Photo ID: 132718597 - On the top of Sunset Rock in Georgia with this lovely couple.

At the end of the day what will your final life story tell? Will you leave behind a legacy that will help inspire a generation? Or will people cringe at the sight of your work? The aim I long for in my work is to give someone hope, purpose, love, encouragement and the realization that life is more than just living day to day.

We are either giving or taking

500px Photo ID: 130200051 - Getting her Hair done by mommy.

It was Jim Rohn that said: “Life accumulates, either we accumulate the debt or value,” it’s up to us to choose wisely. What are you accumulating? Do your actions deposit in the lives of others? Or do our actions withdraw from people?

500px Photo ID: 101312783 - With eyes of hope he looks for direction.

2015 down in History

To help record the events of the year I’ve put together this 5 minute piece, which took approximately 10 hours of editing. I believe it’s important that we keep track of our life’s progress, because how else will you know how you’ve done and in what areas you need improvement.

I sincerely desire that 2016 is full of growth and love for all who read my blog.